True love ain that hard to find

How could it be true? All of nature wild and free This is where I long to be La isla bonita And when the samba played The sun would set so high Ring through my ears and sting my eyes Your Spanish lullaby I fell in love with San Pedro Warm wind carried on the sea, he called to me Te dijo te amo I prayed that the days would last They went so fast He told you, "I love you" chorus I want to be where the sun warms the sky When it's time for siesta you can watch them go by Beautiful faces, no cares in this world Where a girl loves a boy, and a boy loves a girl Last night I dreamt of San Pedro It all seems like yesterday, not far away chorus twice La la la la la la la Te dijo te amo La la la la la la la El dijo que te ama He told you, "I love you" He said he loves you written by Madonna and Stephen Bray Track 8, Time: I really love you Jimmy

True love ain that hard to find

Enjoy them while you can. A very special commission now installed. It is late summer and the wind catches the top of the Fireweed.

From the poppy Fields of the Langdoc in the South of France, a single panel of 24"h x 48" w A small painting on three panels for a triptych of 8"h x 28"w. Summer Honey in the south of France.

A small diptych of 8"h x 16"w. Hung in the studio, this painting was commissioned to hang in a family home in their staircase. Now in place in their home, the family loves it. Summer brings a field of poppies. The heart of Honey. Another view of True love 2.

Lavender invades the wild white roses on a warm April day. A detail of April on the Ground.

The wind catches the Fireweed high above the lupins. In an extravagant summer, the fields of the South of France are thick with poppies and wild flowers.

Two 14" x 11"panels combine to form a diptych of 14"h x 22" w. In the South of France the wild poppy fields stretch towards the mountains to the east. In this painting, two panels of 9" x 12" combine to form a diptych of 9"h x 24"w. Blue and purple lupines fall on poppies.

A single panel of 24"h x 48" w Two small panels form a diptych of 9"h x 24"w. Poppies grow wild in the Langdoc in the South of France.

True love ain that hard to find

From the fields of the Langdoc in the South of France. An abstract impressionist view of a field. Sliding into Abstract Impressionism, the colours evoke a sunny southern climate. A wall piece of approximately 16" 16" Blue Lupines are lost in the green.

A detail of the painting "Green Honey" In the heart of nature lies the fragrance of green honey.

The Real Reason It’s So Hard to Find Love. (It’s Not What You Think.)

A diptych of 14"h x 36" w. A few poppies of the fields of France.

True love ain that hard to find

A single panel of 12" x 24" of wildflowers in Garibaldi Park. A single panel of 12"h x 24"w of high mountain fireweed blowing over the penstemon and alpine poppies.RESPECTED HISTORIAN RALF GEORG REUTH ARGUES THAT HITLER may have had a ‘real’ reason to hate the Jews.

Noted for his breadth of knowledge on World Wars I and II and its prominent figures, German historian Reuth has enjoyed much acclaim for his numerous books covering the World Wars era. Drawing. Lyrics to "True Love Is Hard To Find" song by Bonnie Raitt: You said that your love was just for me That's why I've got to be yours You told me the day will nev.

You look like someone who appreciates good music. Listen to all your favourite artists on any device for free or try the Premium trial. Play on Spotify. The Real Reason It’s So Hard to Find Love. (It’s Not What You Think.) Our need for love is present from our time in the womb; our capacity for healthy growth and .

Category: Sold Work Materials: Encaustic on panels Price: $ Description: A detail of True Love. Anna’s Oven, a strange combo of tasteful cafe, comfort food emporium and charitable endeavor may have good food but I’ll probably never find’s not the menu or the concept that rubs me the wrong way, but the execution is simply substandard due to an apparent lack of .

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